Factory Inspection And Visit For Customers From United States

- Jul 29, 2019-

This customer is looking for a relibale supplier to design and make screw conveyors to transport one special materials which need be filled up with water during transporting. And this screw conveyor shall be two layers .That is ,feeding materials from the second layer’s screw conveyor ,then the second layer’s screw conveyor is discharged materials into the the fisrt layer screw conveyor . We also called the second layer as the upper layer screw conveyor,the first layer is called the bottom layer screw conveyor .Wuxi Changrong introduced twin screw conveyor with two layers for him.See an example photo as below :

图片10 图片11

Meanwhile,customers put forward some new ideas as per her needs. Changrong s engineer is flexible to adjust drawings as per request.Because wuxi changrong conveying machinery company provide customized engineering service.

图片12 图片13

Later we visit the fabricating workshop .Each process is made under strict management. The customer thought highly of Changrongs equipment.