Final Acceptance Test On Roller & Belt Conveyor

- Jan 23, 2019-

This products name is roller pressing bag machine which also can be called by roller & belt conveyor.It is a comination machine because it is made up of  roller conveyor and a belt conveyor (also made up of three belt conveyor). Roller conveyor is on the top of middle rubber belt, crush the agglomeratic material by adjust the gap between roller conveyor and belt face. Roller conveyor not only can move in up and down direction statically by screw, but also float dynamically, ensure to bag avoid broken because of the hard material in bag.

Its power source is motor and gearbox, adopt chain transmission, with simple structure, reliable, easy to remove and repair. Belt conveyor drive by motor & gearbox, rubber belt machine combined with the readjust device and roller conveyor, with simple structure, less room occupy, whole machine can move, also roll and move if fixing trolley wheel The bottom leg of belt conveyor can adjust, the height of whole machine is changed by adjust the screw.

There can set up control cabinet to start up this equipment.The quantity of rollers and width of belt are designed as per demands.

Customer are making final acceptance test on roller & belt conveyor. After inspection,this equipment will be exported to Brazil as soon as possible.

The following example sketch is for a reference.

At present,such machine is exported to USA,BRAZIL,MALAYSIA,SINGAPORE,THAILAND,etc.

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