Impact Of Coronavirus On Economy And Conveying Equipment

- Feb 19, 2020-

At the end of January, China ’s cross-border capital flows were generally stable, and the foreign exchange market supply and demand were basically balanced, which were providing support for the stability of foreign exchange reserves. Meanwhile, affected by multiple factors such as the signing of the first-phase economic and trade agreement between China and the United States, the formal Brexit of the United Kingdom, and the outbreak of coronavirus infection , the US dollar index rose slightly in the international financial market, and the prices of major national bonds rose. The combination of factors such as exchange rate translation and changes in asset prices has increased the size of foreign exchange reserves.

Let us watch forward,the outside foreign environment still be complicated and serious. There exist many uncertain factors in the international financial market. The impact on China from coronavirus is temporary. Chinese is confident in win this battle . Chinese economy will be increased in the future time . Moreover, the foreign exchanges’ market is more and more completed,it will provide a stable financial basis of the economy.

For the conveying equipment, cost on some raw materials and labors will increase ,but do not worry, wuxi changrong conveying machinery still provide the competitive conveyors for all old and new customers.