Material Selection And Structure Arrangement Of The Salt Conveyor In The Manufacturing Process

- Dec 11, 2017-

Salt conveyor is one of the indispensable equipment for product transportation in salt making enterprises. It has the advantages of saving energy, reducing the labor intensity of workers, realizing long-distance continuous transmission and so on. But considering the salt is a very special material, so its transport equipment must also be strictly requested, including material selection, structure arrangement, and so on.

Before making the salt conveyor, first of all, we must provide some data, including how long to customize the belt, the realization of tidal or dry salt transmission, whether there is a slope angle and so on. At present, the salt conveyor frame material is no more than stainless steel and carbon steel. Stainless steel frame is suitable for tidal salt transportation and occasions with heavy steam, because of its outstanding corrosion resistance. And carbon steel racks are used for dry salt transportation or drier applications, but it needs to be painted with the anti-corrosive paint at set intervals.

Salt conveyor roller material selection used to use carbon steel or stainless steel pipe, but now widely used is nylon roller. It has the advantages of no corrosion, no salt accumulation, no noise, less salt dust, long bearing life and so on, so it can better meet the salt conveying requirements.

For salt conveyor belt selection, it is recommended to choose a better qualified manufacturers, using multilayer cementing form, so that it can increase the contact area and tensile strength. When multiple belts transport cross, salt conveyor belt speed must be increased in turn, otherwise it is easy to accumulate salt and is not conducive for transmission.

Salt transport mechanism is a system process, regardless of length, the principle is the same. That is to say, it must do that: Salt conveyor transmission power should be enough. Head and tail frame axis must be perpendicular to the centre line. The frame body should be solid and reliable. Install the sweeper and limit wheel which can prevent belt deviation. The key is to carry out the regular maintenance for the equipment.