Revising Work On Incline Tubular Screw Conveyors

- Sep 11, 2019-

Sometimes there need revise work on the completed screw conveyors.

For example,the solid screw flights conveyor has bigger capacity than the cutting screw flights conveyor .The clients need the small conveying capacity,then we need revise the screw conveyors.

First ,cut the solid screw flight into cutting screw type.See an example photo as below :

 图片11_meitu_1    图片22_meitu_2

There need ensure a suitable clearance between screw conveyors shell and screw flight.

Second,assemble the revised screw shaft into screw shell.


Third,make running test without loading materials. The running test lasts 4-6 hours at the workshop. Noise must be lower than 85dB as per request . If running test is okay,we will deliver screw conveyors to site as soon as possible.