Scraper Conveyor Parts

- Oct 19, 2017-

The main structure and components of various types of scraper conveyor are basically the same, which consists of three parts, such as the head, the middle part and the tail of the machine.

Scraper Conveyor

In addition, there is a hydraulic jack device for the conveyor and a fastening chain, etc. The head of the machine is composed of a head frame, an electric motor, a hydraulic coupler, a reducer and a sprocket. The middle part is composed of transition trough, middle groove, chain and scraper. The tail of the machine is a device for the return of the scraper chain. Heavy-duty scraper conveyor tail and the same as the head, also has a power transmission device, from the location of the installation to distinguish between the upper and lower nose.

Scraper Conveyor Classification

According to the layout and structure of the chute of scraper conveyor, it can be divided into two types of juxtaposition and overlapping, which can be divided into single chain, bilateral chain, double center chain and three-chain 4 kinds According to the number of chain and arrangement way.