Snake Types Conveyors Are Installed On Site

- Apr 30, 2019-

Snake types conveyors are used to tranport dry sludge in an environmental project in China.

Its conveying distance is 40.7m .Among of the 40.7m,the lower horizontal distance is 14.7m,vertical height is 18m,the upper horiaontal distance is 5.4m.


Its main characterstics :

1. Combines horizontal conveying + vertical conveying .It is 3D conveying type.

2. Can put feeding points and discharging points as per request.It is flexible to set up these points.

3. Little materials remnants there.Almost materials are discharged from the shell.

4. During transporting,chains are sliding on the specialized path.Scrapers take materials to the outlet as per chains slide.So there leave little materials on the chains.

5. Completed closed,good for environment and less floor space


Its technical datas are below :

Model : CRMD200 ( 200mm refers to the scraper’s width )

Shape : Z shape

Construction materials : stainless steel 304

Motor power : 11kw

Speed of conveyor : 20rpm

Transporting capacity : 2.5m3/hour to 4m3/hour

Conveying speed : less than 9m/min

Packing size : 11.8m*2.1m*2.1m (L*W*H)

Net weight : 3500kgs