Technical Communication For Chain Plate Conveyors By Customers From NIPPON STEEL &SUMIKIN ENGINEERING In Indonesia

- Jan 30, 2018-

On 12th Jan,customers from NIPPON STEEL &SUMIKIN ENGINEERING CO.,LTD to make an on-the-spot investigation and technical communication for projects in Indonesia.Mr HIDEO TANGO,Mr KYOTARO NOGUCHI,Mr TETSUYA KISHIGUCHI and Ms SAORI KIMURA checked the equipment in the workshop and thought highly of the quality of equipment.



In the meeting,Changrong showed the technical principle on chain plate conveyor to customers from NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN ENGINEERING who is looking for chain plate conveyors with many discharging outlets .


Changrong also would provide the electrical control together with chain plate conveyors for NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN ENGINEERING.


In the workshop,Changrong took customers to see the stainless steel cooling screw conveyors and other silos for Japanese.