Technical Discussion About Z Type Bucket Elevator In GEM (Jing Men) Co., Ltd

- Apr 10, 2018-

GEM Co., Ltd is famous for producing batteries in the world .Before they imported conveying equipment from oversea .For example, they imported z type bucket elevators from Japan . Due to it caused a lot of expensive cost when importing conveyors from Japan,they found us by chance in 2016 .

In 2016,Wuxi Changrong started to measure the site at the factory of Wuxi in GEM Company and designed 4 sets of new z type bucket elevators for them .The following photo is for a reference :


In 2017,GEM ordered 7 sets of z type bucket elevator again .

In April,2018,Changrong engineer go to Jing Men GEM for technical discussion about screw conveyors & z type bucket elevators which will be made of Titanium alloy  material.

Engineer is checking the technical data and request on site :


In the first quarter of 2018,Changrong completed in making some conveying equipment which are made of titanium alloy.In the coming days,Changrong is continuing to design and make more conveyors which are made of titanium alloy .