The Product Advantages, Process Layout And Application Range Of The Chain Drag Conveyor

- Dec 05, 2017-

The chain drag conveyor is a successful transmission equipment based on the introduction of advanced foreign technology, combined with domestic similar products, so it is relatively perfect. Compared to other conveyors, what are the advantage of the chain drag conveyor? And what industries is it used in?

Because the conveying capacity of the chain drag conveyor is large, and its structure is more flexible, it is allowed to transport large quantities of materials in the small capacity space, and the conveying capacity can reach 15 ~ 500 m3/ h. At the same time, in the whole conveying process, the conveying energy consumption of the chain drag conveyor is low, because it mainly uses the internal friction of material to achieve the transport, the effect of electricity saving is obvious.

The chain drag conveyor adopts the fully sealed casing, so it can make the dust seamless, and make the operation safe and reliable. And it uses the carrier chain which is made by the alloy steel through the heat treatment process, so the service life is much more than the ordinary material many times.

The unique material and structure make the chain dag conveyor suitable forworking environment from - 15 ℃ to 40 ℃, and it can also play the role of acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents. In addition to the wide application, the chain drag conveyor process layout is flexible, can be installed in the elevated, ground, ground pit, and climbing, which is used for horizontal or tilt transport.

At present, chain drag conveyor is widely used in building materials, building, chemical industry, thermal power generation, grain processing, mining, machinery, metallurgy, transportation, port and transportation industry because of its advantages of low cost, electricity saving, long service life, low maintenance rate, low consumption and high efficiency.