Tips Of Installation On Screw Conveyors

- Apr 18, 2019-

One of the preconditions for good operation on screw conveyor is proper installation.

Installation work must be acted well at the jobsite and meet the technical requirements.

The installation foundation of screw conveyor must be completed before 20 days when the site is ready for installation of screw conveyors.This foundation must be strong enough to support running of screw conveyor and prevent the grounding from sinking and variable condiiton ,so as to ensure engough stablility during running .

Clean all dust on screw conveyor body before installation.

The coaxality tolerance between main shaft of screw conveyor and output shaft of geared motor shal meet requirements of “GB1184-80”.

Tignten all anchor bolts uniformly after the screw conveyor’s base are fixed.

Check all lubricating oil on screw conveyors. All enough oil before start up without loading materials at test running.It is very necessary to check whether there screw conveyors’ assembling work is correct or not after continuous test running over 4