Twin Stainless Steel Shaftless Screw Conveyors Are Appllied In Plate And Frame Filter Press

- May 14, 2019-

The twin shaftless screw conveyors are installed under the plate frame filter press

machine.First,materials are transported by the conveying screw conveyor to the collecting screw conveyor. There are 4 units of collecting screw conveyors in total. Each four units of plate frame filter press machine need one unit of collecting screw conveyor. The collecting screw conveyor will transport materials into silo. Next,materials are transported by conveying screw from the silo to the collecting silo. Finally,the twin shaftless screw conveyors will transport materials from the collecting silo,and discharge materials into driers.


Usually screw conveyor is made up of drive device,head section,middle section and tail section.Due to some powder,small granles are very easy to be bridge and arching which can not be discharged smoothly. Well,the twin shaftless screw conveyors can break the bridge.


Let’s take a model for a reference :


Screw diameter

Construction material


Screw flight thickness

Casing thickness


Stainless steel 316L

10900 (mm)