What Are The Advantages Of The Chain Drag Conveyor System?

- Dec 18, 2017-

Chain drag conveyor system is a kind of equipment for conveying powder and small granular materials horizontally or obliquely based on various advanced techniques. Besides reasonable and novel structure, this kind of conveyor system has the characteristics of long service life, high operation reliability, energy saving, high efficiency, sealing, safety and convenient maintenance. The service performance is obviously better than that of screw conveyor, embedded scraper conveyor and other conveying equipment.

As an ideal conveying equipment, chain drag conveyor system has been popular with domestic and foreign users since its development. So far, it has been widely used in building materials, construction, chemical industry, thermal power generation, grain processing, mining, machinery, smelting, transportation, ports, transport and other industries.

Because it is made of alloy steel by advanced heat treatment means of the conveyor chain, it will prolong the service life. And it transports the material under the action of the friction force in the material, so the energy consumption becomes very low.

An efficient chain drag conveyor system allows a large amount of material to be transported in a smaller space. And the fully-sealed casing designed ensures that the dust can be drilled seamlessly, so that the operation is safe and the operation is reliable. In addition, the process of the whole equipment layout is flexible. It can be elevated, ground or pit layout, horizontal or climbing installation, can also be installed on the same machine horizontal climbing.

Because the chain drag conveyor system is low in use cost, energy-saving and durable,  the maintenance is less and cost is low. It can ensure the normal operation of the host, in order to increase output, reduce consumption and improve efficiency. It will become the preferred equipment for specific material delivery.http://www.wxconveyor.com/