What Shall We Do When Facing The Coronavirus In 2020

- Feb 17, 2020-

From the date of closing city in Wuhan, 17 days had been passed by. Everyday we watch the changeable figures for he confirmed patient. This is another battle in the history of human being. In this battle ,there exist scare,horror,worry ,sadness,etc. As a common people, what shall we do in this difficult time? We are protected by country and government at each building in the town or village. Government has tried to take measures to the linkage to minimize damage.Each city is encouraged to work,recover the working time is put off by 10th February or later again. Honestly speaking,we have never met so long holiday in the various working years.However, as a common person, what shall we do now ?

First ,obey the notice of the government,stay at home. Wash hands more often,drink much fresh water, no gathering party, if outside,wear masks.we shall have confidence in fighting against the coronavirus.

Second, sort out the things that will be done after start work .

Third, reading books as much as you can .Improve the knowledge of yourself.www.wxconveyor.com