Working Principle Of Screw Conveyor

- Oct 19, 2017-

When the spiral axis rotates, the material's gravity and the friction with the groove wall, so that the material can only be pushed forward by the blades along the bottom of the conveyor trough, the situation as if the nut can not be rotated along the rotating screw as the translation movement [3]. The movement of the material in the middle bearing is dependent on the thrust of the material behind it. Therefore, the material in the conveyor transport, is a complete slip movement. In order to make the spiral shaft in a more favorable state of tension, the driving device and discharging port are usually placed at the same end of the conveyor, and the feed inlet is placed near the tail of the other end as far as possible. The rotating spiral vane transports the material, so that the force of the material not to rotate with the vane of the screw conveyor is the material's own weight and the friction resistance of the screw conveyor casing to the material. The face of the blade is based on different types of conveying materials, such as solid face, belt type, and blade type. Screw conveyor spiral shaft in the material movement direction of the terminal has thrust bearing with the material to screw the axial force, in the longer the captain, should be added to the middle suspension bearing.