Electromechanical Linear Vibrating Volumetric Feeder for Even and Consistent Dosing

Electromechanical Linear Vibrating Volumetric Feeder for Even and Consistent Dosing

Volumetric feeder introduction We have been involved in designing and making screw conveyors since 1985 ,Multiple screw conveyors applies in cement ,chemical starch,sludge,building material, gyspum powder.In job site ,there are many big silos connected working on the top of multiple screw...
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Our company is a company specializing in the production of medium and high-end Oem Screw Conveyor Equipment, worm conveyor, hapman screw conveyor, with nearly ten years of enterprise accumulation and professional rich experience, with an independent product research and development center and an excellent team of designers, devoting to the research and development of high-quality mid-priced products. We operate steadily and seek sustainable development, and people-oriented, inspiring self-worth are the most important. In the industry, our company maintains the competitive edge of products with continuous innovation and quality management.

Volumetric feeder introduction

We have been involved in designing and making screw conveyors since 1985 ,Multiple screw conveyors applies in cement ,chemical starch,sludge,building material,gyspum powder.In job site ,there are many big silos connected working on the top of multiple screw conveyors .All materials are stored inside the silo ,then transported by the bottom multiple screw conveyors .There can be 2 shaft,3 shaft,4 shafts,6 shafts in the trough. The quantity of screw shafts are made according to the size and capacity of silo .

Let’s take the six shafted screw conveyors as an example

Six shafted screw conveyor also be called material distribution machine.It works under a big silo,distributing six shafts averagely. In this way,it not only can prevent materials inside the silo from bridging and arching,but also can distribute materials on six shafted screw conveyors evenly.Therefore,it is widely used in metallurgy,chemical,building,food and other environmental projects  

Multiple screw conveyor’s outline drawing


Components with description


Regular technical data form

Screw   Diameter

35 mm

180 mm

600 mm

Screw Pitch

35 mm


580 mm



47 rpm

50 rpm

Motor Power

0.75kw,frequency type

5.5kw,motor is explosive proof and frequency

7.5 kw



5 M3/H

50 M3/H

Transport Length

682 mm

2500 mm


Transport Direction



Incline ;

Incline degree is 15-200

Regular outsourced parts--brand is chose by customers

Motor brand

Chinese:   Nanyang,Wolong

Germany: SEW,NORD

Gearbox brand


Germany:SEW NORD

Bearing brand



Gland Packing’s brand


Japanese:   Valqua,Nichias

Cylinder ‘s brand



Germany: Festo

Speed Sensor’s brand


Germany : IFM,P+F

Load Cell’s brand


United States :   METTLER TOLEDO

Installation Request on Job site

1.Installation base shall be completed in advance ( at least 20 days before multiple screw conveyor with live bottom arrival).Such installation base shall have enough ability to support and can guarantee screw conveyor will not sink and change because of the over small installation base.And ensure there are enough stability to support the screw conveyor

2.Must clean any dust or dirty points on screw conveyors.Clean out all dust and dirty points during packing or shipping .

3.Can put some asbestos between machine casing and flanges,so as to adjust the deviation on screw conveyor’s length.


1.Avoid any hard and big bulk material inside the transported materials,so as to prevent multiple screw conveyor with live bottom from jamming.

2.Check regularly each component ‘s working condition on multiple screw conveyor with live bottom .Pay attention to any loosing  fastener. If find the loosing fasteners, tight them up and fix them well .

3.Must pay special attention to the bolt which is connecting with screw shaft. If find the bolt loose, must stop running immediately. Do not start working before tight bolts up .


1.We will send manual book with specification to the final buyer .Final buyer will install and maintain the screw conveyor as per manual book .

2.Can send engineers to give instructions about installation work on job site .The guiding cost will be calculated as per the actual time on job site .

3.Can send engineers to train workers on job site .The guiding cost will be calculated as per actual time on job site .

Why choose us ?

1.Extensive design and fabrication experience: we have 8 engineers and 60 workers specialized in designing and fabricating mini screw conveyors over than 20 years .

2.Complete process equipment : we have steel plate shearer,veneer reeling machine,plasma cutting machine,welding machine,lathe,etc.All of them are advanced technology and work accurately.

3.Reliable quality raw material : all of raw materials are purchased from famous steel factory with relative quality certifications .Such as Bao Steel ,SHA Steel,TISCO,JTP, which are the best and largest raw steel manufacturer in China .We will make element analyze report for each purchased raw materials .

4.Strictly and Professionally Manufacturing Process : each set of mini screw conveyor is made with carefully fabrication procedure .

5.Strictly inspection process with accurate testing tools : all testing tools or measuring tools will be sent to check in some measuring department .Inspection commissioner is responsible for each inspection and will make records by photos and videos .

6.Complete price with best quality : With same quality,our price is most competitive.With same price,our quality is the best .

Package and Shipping

By export plywood case or steel frame, suitable for shipping by sea .

If there is no any urgent request, all multiple screw conveyors are shipped by sea .




(1) Q:Can I get much longer warranty period ?

A:Yes,you can .usually the warranty period is 12 months for 1 set of conveyor. Any special request on warranty period can be discussed .

(2) Q:Can engineers or workers go to job site after sales ?

A:Yes,we can send engineers or workers to site if necessary .

(3) Q:Can I get a good price with reliable quality ?

A:Yes ,you can .Wuxi Changrong will give direct economical price to customers and ensure the best quality for each conveyors .

(4) Q:Can I visit Wuxi Changrong factory?

A:Certainly .Wuxi Changrong locates in Wuxi , one hour by high speed train from Shanghai . We welcome customers from all over world to visit our factory. Just give us a call ,then we tell you the specific traffic way . Just call us now.



Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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