Nauta Mixer Double Screw Cone Mixer for Powder Material

Nauta Mixer Double Screw Cone Mixer for Powder Material

Conveyor Screw Coffee introduction LS1200 Big Screw Conveyor with heat preservation, moistening with water,agitating and mixing especially designed and made for food industry Our company has been involved in designing and making screw conveyors since 1985 ,then founded Wuxi Changrong Conveying...
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The company provides solutions to the needs of customers around the world with personalized customization, allowing the Scraper conveyors, Pipe screw conveyor for sale, Coal Screw Conveyor to add unique elements and becoming more vivid and rich, which greatly enhance the added value of products. We have implemented quality monitoring throughout the entire process from raw and auxiliary materials, process equipment, inspection and testing, etc., so that product quality reaches the industry's high standards. Are you ready? ? ? Let us go!!! According to the market demand, our company gradually expands the sales scale, and is willing to make a contribution to the society with advanced sales strategy, abundant capital and superior quality. All employees of the company carry forward the spirit of 'self-reliance, hard work, realistic innovation, create first and strive for excellence', so that the enterprise continues to develop and grow. The products sell well all over the country, covering a wide range, and some products are also sold abroad.

Conveyor Screw Coffee introduction

LS1200 Big Screw Conveyor with heat preservation, moistening with water,agitating and mixing especially designed and made for food industry

Our company has been involved in designing and making screw conveyors since 1985 ,then founded Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company in 1993.Screw conveyor is one of the best conveyors to transport powder,particle and granules .Sometimes ,customers need heat ,cool ,keep preservation,moistening with water,agitating and mixing on screw conveyors .And the capacity must be as big as the screw conveyor can .According to the user ,we design and make the LS 1200 Big screw conveyor with paddle and standard screw flight .LS1200 Big screw conveyor is made up of drive device,feeding inlet and outlet,screw casing,cover ,screw head with bearing,screw tail with bearing,middle section with hanger bearing,screw flight and the base support .Drive device is consisted of gear reducer,coupling and base support .

LS 1200 Big screw conveyors applies in dealing with raw materials of food sauces . As per request from food sauce factory ,the big screw conveyor must can preservation, moistening with water, agitating and mixing .All covers are with spray nozzles .All run test must no disturbed noise, vibrating, unstable current and other bad issues .The complete set of LS 1200 Big screw conveyor must work stably.


LS1200 Big screw conveyor ‘s photo




Regular technical data form

Screw   Diameter

1200 mm

 Screw diameter   ranges from 40 mm to 1500 mm

Screw Pitch

750 mm

Screw pitch is adjustable as per working condition

Rated Speed

26 rpm

Motor Power


Hanger Bearing

 2 pieces ,made by   Changrong



Transport Length

10000 mm

Transport Direction




Regular outsourced parts ---brand is chose by customers

Motor brand

Chinese:   Nanyang,Wolong

Germany: SEW,NORD

Gearbox brand


Germany:SEW NORD

Bearing brand



Gland Packing’s brand


Japanese:   Valqua,Nichias

Cylinder ‘s brand



Germany: Festo

Speed Sensor’s brand


Germany : IFM,P+F

Load Cell’s brand


United States :   METTLER TOLEDO

Hear Preservation   brand

Owenscorning brand


Installation Request on Job site

1.Installation base shall be completed in advance ( at least 20 days before multiple screw conveyor with live bottom arrival).Such installation base shall have enough ability to support and can guarantee screw conveyor will not sink and change because of the over small installation base. And ensure there are enough stability to support the screw conveyor

2.Must clean any dust or dirty points on screw conveyors. Clean out all dust and dirty points during packing or shipping .

3.Can put some asbestos between machine casing and flanges, so as to adjust the deviation on screw conveyor’s length.

4.Middle hanger bearing can fix stably on the lifting lug of casings. By connection

the next screw, screw shaft rotates averagely, no jamming. Can put some adjusting

gaskets between the base of hanger bearing and lifting lugs of casings, so as to

ensure all hanger bearings are concentric.

5.All screw conveyor’s base shall be tightened up by foundation bolts after each screw conveyor is installed .

6.All connection screws and bolts shall tighten up to the reliable degree.

7.Check all oil storage section and make sure there exist enough lubrication oil .If lacking of lubrication oil, must fill up in. Then can start running the screw conveyor without materials. After running above 4 hours, check screw conveyor’s machine assemble is correct or not .


1.Avoid any hard and big bulk material inside the transported materials,so as to prevent multiple screw conveyor with live bottom from jamming.

2.Check regularly each component ‘s working condition on multiple screw conveyor with live bottom .Pay attention to any loosing  fastener.If find the loosing fasteners,tight them up and fix them well .

3.Must pay special attention to the bolt which is connecting with screw shaft.If find the bolt loose,must stop running immediately.Do not start working before tight bolts up .

4.Do not to take screw conveyor’s cover down during screw conveyor running,so as to avoid any accident.

5.If any abnormal appearance,must stop the conveyor to make an inspection,then solve the problem before running again .


After Sales Service

1.We will send manual book with specification to the final buyer .Final buyer will install and maintain the screw conveyor as per manual book .

2.Can send engineers to give instructions about installation work on job site .The guiding cost will be calculated as per the actual time on job site .

3.Can send engineers to train workers on job site .The guiding cost will be calculated as per actual time on job site .

4.Can send workers to install screw conveyors as per contract .Installation cost will be included in the contract .

5.Can provide quick wear material if necessary .


Warranty Period

6.12 months subject to the date of start up on job site or 18 months subject to the date of delivery ,whichever occurs first .Wuxi Changrong will undertake all quality problem which comes from screw conveyors during warranty period. If the problem is caused by incorrectly operation or other extra foreign forces, Wuxi Changrong will solve the problem and need collect the economical cost from buyers .

Package and Shipping

By export plywood case or steel frame,suitable for shipping by sea .

If there is no any urgent request,all Big screw conveyors are shipped by sea .



(1)Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are a manufacturer with our own factory.

(2)Q: What is size of your factory ?

A: 10,000M2

(3)Q: How many employees at your factory ?

A: 70 .including 8 engineers

(4)Q: What are certification do you have ?

A: CE,ISO9001-2008


Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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