DLS200 Twin shafted weigh screw conveyor 

Work with the static load cell to weigh the powder inside screw conveyor

LS270 Continuous screw flight conveyor

Screw conveyor is used to transport lithium hydroxide

Screw feeder transport sodium carbonate 

Due to the sodium carbonate has strong abrasive feature, the screw flights are buld-up welding.

Horizontal big screw conveyor ,U trough

Length is 5950mm, no middLe beaing, capacity is 48m3/hour,motor power is 15KW.

Mini Screw Conveyor

Transport gyspum powder, good sealing, speed is 65rpm

Tubular screw conveyor transport ternary materials

Screw diameter is 134mm to 200mm, capacity is 5m3/hour.

GZG450 vibrating conveyor

Conveying distance is 5300mm.motor power is 1.5kw. The requried capacity is 18000kg/hour.

Stainless steel small screw conveyor for powder

Capacity is only 0.58m3/hour, length is 4000mm.motor power is 1.5kw, speed is 54rpm.

Screw feeder transport sodium carbonate

Due to the sodium carbonate has strong abrasive feature, the screw flights are buld-up welding

Z type plastic bucket elevator

Bucket is made of nylon, can endure temperature by 80Centi degree. Buckets are continuous working. Capacity is 7m3/hour.

Mild Steel Screw Conveyor

Model is GLS400*5760mm,There is one inlet and one outlet ,size is 400 *400mm.Speed is 72rpm.

Arch-breaker under the big silo
Arch-breaker is an effective device to prevent any bridging materials in the big silo.It is made of big sprocket with motor &gearbox + vertical rotating shaft +cone.
Jacket cooling screw conveyor by Changrong Conveying
Jacket cooling screw conveyor is designed and made as per request . The cooling water can be filled in the u trough jacket as well as the seamless pipe shaft. We can cool high temperature from 700 centi degree to 70 centi degree.
Plastic bucket z type bucket elevator for transporting chemical powder
CHANGRONG CONVEYING profession customized plastic bucket elevator , maximum capacity is 7-8m3/hour.
Horizontal screw extruder for yeast materials
Horizontal screw extruder is designed to transport yeast powder . It is made of screw conveyor + extruder section .Materials are stainless steel 304,food grade.
Z shape chain scraper conveyor to transport sludge
chain scraper conveyor is made of stainless steel ,leading by stainless steel chains ,drive by motor &Gearbox. It can lift sludge from lower horizontal section +vertical height + upper horizontal section .
Z tybe chain bucket elevator
Z type chain bucket elevator can transpor granules from lower horizontal section to vertical height ,then to the upper horizontal section . Bucket is made of plastic materials .
Carbon steel inclined shafted screw conveyor
big incline degree,screw flight is made of NM400 which has strong anti-abrasive ability. Both screw flights’ sides are full welding.the support leg can be dismantely easily.
Shafted screw conveyor with big silo
one shafted screw conveyor is above the bottom twin screw conveyors,they are used to transprot bones and pork meats. We also called it by live bottoms.Bones and pork meats are stored in the buffering tank .
Arch-breaker device to break the caking and bridging materials
Arch-breaker is a bottom device to break the caking and bridging materials inside the big hopper and silo.It can replace the vibrating device . Arch-breaker is used to destroy or break the light materials’ bridging and caking in the slio .Its size is not fixed .Size is customized.www.wxconveyor.com
Customized screw auger diameter is 1200mm
U trough screw auger with a jacket for heat preservation.On top cover ,there are some sprays .Transporting length reaches 15 meters. Each component is food grade. Heat preservation is glass fiber. Meet for requirements of GB16798-1997 and GB14881-2013. Clearance between shell and auger flight is 0-6mm.www.wxconveyor.com
Cutting screw extractor conveyor
Extractor conveyor and cutting screw conveyor to transport the mixture of solid granules and liquids. Supply scope is design and manufacture extractor ( made up of reactor + incline conveyor ). The medium is NPT solvent + PPS particles + acetone which is toxic, flammable and explosive. Motor must meet the explosive proof class by DIIBT4.www.wxconveyor.com
Stainless steel 304 tubular incline shafted screw conveyor
Transporting tobacco fine waste ,90% is dry powder,transporting capacity is 1.5 to 2 cubic meter per hour.Feeding inlet size is 450*450mm. Inspection hatch is easy to dismantel and clean.Support legs are fixed with screw bolt.www.wxconveyor.com
Tubular incline shafted screw conveyor
Total Length of Screw and Extruder/Emulsifier mixer whose length is 5metres ,Diameter of 400mm.Transporting yeast cakes. This screw extruder /emlsifier mixer is formed by two different parts : the first part is a screw conveyor all the long of the rotary filer and the final part is the mixer of yeast and emulsifier. The screw conveyor section takes the yeast paste from the rotary filter and transports it to the mixer part. The mixing and extrusion plates are removable.www.wxconveyor.com

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