Horizontal Shaftless screw conveyor for transporting food waste 
Screw diameter is 550mm,screw flight thickness is 25-30mm . Continuous welding. The maximum length is 20m. Speed is 20RPM.Suitable for transporting food waste with sticky features.www.wxconveyor.com
Vertical Bucket elevator to lift up cement 10-15TPH
Material is cement. Loading is Manual loading of bags at ground level. Capacity is 10-15 tons/hour. Temperature is Ambient. Discharge into 5 cuM silo. Height : Approx 7-7.5m.www.wxconveyor.com
LC150 Vertical Screw Conveyor
Combined a set of horizontal u shape screw conveyor ,the vertical screw conveyor is tubular shape.It is used to transport corn starch,viscosity is 550-600 ,temperature is 45 Centi degree, moisture is 20% to 25%,bulk densifty is 520kg/m3.
Horizontal Vibrating Conveyor Transporting Chemical Powder
Trough width is 450mm,conveying distance is 5300mm.Reliable spring and high speed vibrating motor.
Ribbon Screw Conveyor From Changrong CONVEYING MACHINERY
Transport and mix solid granlues with 5% methanol,screw diameter is 370mm,motor is 7.5kw.
Horizontal Tubular Cooling Screw Conveyor
Filling cooling water into Jacket as well as the hollow screw shaft to cool materials from 240 0Chigh temperature down by 500C. Contacted materials parts are made of stainless steel 304, the jacket and others are made of carbon steel.
Transporting Lithium sulphatLithium sulphatLithium sulphate powder
Screw diameter : 250mm, transporting length ranges from 3100mm to 4500mm.There wrappa layer of nylon material at the edge of stainless steel screw flight.
Tubular screw feeder to transport ternary material or Li(NiCoMn)O2
Tubular screw pipe inside is coated by ECTFE, so as to prevent ternary materials from sticking on shell. Screw shaft and screw flight is coated by tungsten Carbide which prevent screw flight and shaft from being worn out.
Twin screw feeder
There are two same screw shafts inside the trough shell . The 2 shafts are driven by 1 pcs of motor &gearbox and sprockets.
Cantilever type spiral conveyor
The materials will be discharged from the end of spiral conveyor. Usually it is fed waste products into kiln for burning.
Cooling Jacket Twin Screw Conveyor
Put water inside the jacket so as to cool high temperature down.
Horizontal Paddle Screw Flight for Wet Clay
Paddle screw flight is fixed by screw bolts on screw shaft. It can break the wet clay into pieces.
Conical silo for breaking wet clays

Silo cover thickness is 6mm, there is a screen whose size is 310*310mm, motor power is 1.5KW,braking torque is 9.6N.M.

Horizontal Paddle Screw Flight for Wet Clay
Paddle screw flight is fixed by screw bolts on screw shaft. It can break the wet clay into pieces.
Jacket Cooling Twin Shafted Screw Conveyors
Cooling water is filled inside the shell jacket and hollow shaft .Double shafts can get a better cooling result.
Small screw conveyor transport rubber particles
Horizontal capacity is only 10kg/h,motor power is 0.75kw,speed is 38rpm.
Paddle Screw Flight Conveyor for Mixing
Transport,mix and break rubber particles.
LS200 horizontal screw feeder
Stainless steel , inside is polished into 150 mesh. Drive is chain type. Sealing is gland packing.
Incline Shafted Screw
ConveyorTransporting clay granules. Screw flight is cutting type,which can prevent clay to be stuck inside the shell.
Horizontal Vibrating Feeder
Transporting wheat granules, width is 1500mm, conveying distance is 7500mm.
V Shape Screw Feeder made of Carbon Steel
                                   LS250 screw conveyor which is exported to Malaysia. Painting is silver color.
Tubular Double Shafts Screw Conveyor
Tubular Shell, twin shafts screw conveyor,inside is mirror polished.
Inclined Tubular Screw Conveyor with Reception Hopper
This screw conveyor is tubular with inclined support legs. The reception hopper is welded directly on screw conveyor. Transporting length and capacity can be adapted to customer's request.
Inclined Tubular Screw Feeder with Feeding Hopper
             The drive motor &gearbox is on the top of incline tubular screw feeder,which is helpful to transport materials from bottom to the top.