Horizontal Tubular Serrate Screw Conveyor
Serrate Screw Flight can prevent any block materials from adhere to the screw shell ,and ensure the stable transporting .
China Tube Shape Screw Conveyor
Screw shell is a stainless steel outer pipe .Inside there screw flights are welded on the center shaft . The tube screw conveyor has good sealing than u shape screw conveoyr.
Big screw conveyor in the production of soy sauce
             There is no stock for this big screw conveyor . We can design and make big screw conveyor as per request .Screw flights are full welding .
LS350 Screw conveyor transporting BP Powder
             This screw conveyor is continuous operation ;be installed outdoor. Clearance between screw flight and shell is 10mm
Screw Conveyor transport ABS powder
Inside is polished by 320 mesh. Make water test to check whether sealing is good or not. With speed sensor the detect the speed of conveyor in operation . Screw Conveyor’s Sizes are available for customized as per request.
Custom Designed U Trough Screw Conveyors
U trough is easy for cleaning and maintenance . Hinged lids with electrical safety interlocks allow easy access for liquid or gas cleaning.
Stainless Steel 316L Solid Screw Conveyor
Standard screw auger flights and variety of special screw pitch are available . can transport horizontal and inclined.
Industries Stainless Steel Ribbon Screw Conveyor
220-690V Ribbon screw conveyor’s main function is used to mix products during transporting. The ribbon screw flight can be customized as per products’ feature. It is corrosion resistant.
Shaftless Spiral Conveyor Transport Corn Powder
Screw flight is made of Stainless Steel 304, lining plate is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylen which can prevent screw flight from being worn out .Length can be 20m.
Dewatered Sludge Conveyor
Applied in conveying of difficult materials. Suitable for a wide range of moisture content and viscosities products . Screw diameter ranges from 250mm to 500mm.
Stainless Steel 304 Hopper Twin Screw Conveyors
Twin shafted screw conveyors are at the bottom of hopper . Products are first fed into the hopper, then transported by bottom twin conveyors . Dust tight and stable working.
Horizontal Screw Extruder
Screw inside shell is painted by ECTFE,thickness 0.5mm; screw shaft and screw flight are painted by Tungsten Carbide
Painted screw conveyor
Screw inside shell is painted by ECTFE,thickness 0.5mm; screw shaft and screw flight are painted by Tungsten Carbide
Tubular cooling screw conveyor
Cooling conveyor is transported and cooled activated carbon powder.The cooliing jacket is carbon steel.Other parts are stainless steel 316L.
Chemical vibrating screen
There exist 3 layers of metal screen with different holes which are used to separate different size of chemical powders.
Animal's Feed Vibrating Conveyor
Trough is mild steel with painting. Transport length 8000mm, capacity is 2 m3/hour.
Solid material conveyor
A solid material conveyor is used to transportshredded solid waste material to a big tank. The bottom of conveyor shell is with a screen mesh.
Screw conveyor small with motor
Tubular screw conveyor ,ribbon screw flight with agitating function during transporting. Applied in chemical powder.
Loading hopper conveyor
Products are fed by vertical agitating and loading hopper, then transported by horizontal screw conveyor.
Chicken feed screw conveyor
The raw material silo are used to stored and conveyed chicken, pork and other animal meat. Four screw shafts are rotating and conveying.
Screw conveyor with live bottom
Screw shafts are at the bottom of a big silo. When materials are dropped into the big silo, the bottom screw shaft will rotate and convey these materials immediately.

Z type of Plastic bucket elevators

Transport chemical catalytic agent. Bucket is plastic material , there is no chains .Motor iw with brake.

Screw Feeder For Transport AS Crystals,Screw Conveyors Crystal

Screw feeder diameter is 500mm,U trough with inspection window,easy to clean.

SUS304 Screw Extruder,Double Screw Extruder

Applied in yeast powder, stable conveying and high extruding.

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